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Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Look!

I finally got around to paying some serious attention to this blog. The first order of business was to change my blog hosting service to Blogger, which offers a much nicer interface and far more configurability than Wordpress, my former blog host. That enabled me to integrate the blog into my website much more gracefully, without the need for iframes and scrollbars as in my previous implementation. I think the orginizational structure and overall readability of Blogger pages also far surpasses  those of Wordpress, so those issues should no longer be an impediment to the functionality of this site.

Now that I have the  blog nicely dressed up and incorporated into my website, the next step is to actually add some compelling content from time to time. ;-) At the very least, I'm going to try to consistently post when I've uploaded new batches of photos to my galleries, and  link to them. I may also post and comment on some of those photos here on the blog. I am also planning on writing more about photography, in general, and the gear I use, specifically. This blog is really an exercise in improvisation, so we'll see how it goes. If nothing else, I will definitely use this space as a forum for my dispatches from my routine visits to China and other travels I hope to embark on.

Speaking of China, most of the older content (2004 - 2007) currently posted here is actually a collection of the un-edited e-mail that I sent out to various friends and family describing my experiences and adventures while spending as much as ten weeks at a stretch on some of my visits to that country. Those dispatches are hopelessly overwrought, for the most part, but I love them anyway! At the very least, they are a visceral window into my state of mind while in China.