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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ollie goes out for Chinese Food

Oliver always seems to get into a playful mood when we go out for dinner. I can always rely on him to make his funniest faces for me when we're in a restaurant.

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He's an incurable ham...

These photos, by the way, were made with the Nikon D700 using the 51-point 3D dynamic auto-focus mode, which is excellent at tracking focus on a moving subject. Just focus on an eye and the AF module will select new focus-points dynamically as the subject moves around the field of view, maintaining focus on the eye. Considering that the depth-of field is extremely narrow here (given the very large f/1.4 aperture used in this dimly-lit restaurant) it's no small feat for the AF module to track focus on a subject that is not only moving laterally in a very quick, jerky fashion, but forward and backward, as well.

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